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Successful Activations (Fall 2017 Edition)

October 2017

Senior Living Community – Country Club Hills Fire Department

The Country Club Hills Fire Department responded to an alarm at Victory Centre, a senior living community, October 24, 10:40 a.m. Firefighters observed water running under a door. Two sprinklers activated and contained a fire in a chair and six packages of paper towel that were near a floor heater. According to training officer Jeff Cook, this is an example of how efficient the sprinklers did their job and extinguished the fire. He said it would have been a disaster if there were no sprinklers.

September 2017

Single-family Home Fire – Countryside Fire Protection District

When firefighters with the Countryside Fire Protection District arrived on the scene at a single-family home in Long Grove, September 22, the fire inside the home was controlled by the home’s fire sprinkler system.

The fire originated on the outside back of the three-story house. The flames traveled up the vinyl siding and entered the home through a first-floor window, into the great room. Heat from the fire activated two sprinklers and stopped the fire from spreading throughout the home. Firefighters used hoses to extinguish the outside of the house.

Because flashover was prevented, firefighters could readily and safely enter the home to conduct a search and extinguish remaining embers. Residents weren’t home at the time of the fire, but their dog was.

Long Grove was the first community in Illinois to pass an ordinance requiring fire sprinklers in all new home construction in 1988. That effort was led by Fire Chief Dave Grupp Long Grove Fire Protection District.


Warehouse Fire – Plano Molding Company
Sandwich Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system kept a fire in a stack of pallets in check while occupants safely evacuated. The Sandwich Fire Department extinguished the fire in less than 20 minutes.

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