Successful Activations (Fall/Winter 2015 Edition)

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October 2015


The Buckingham High-Rise
Chicago Fire Department

One fire sprinkler controlled a kitchen fire in a unit of the 22-story, off-campus high-rise for students.

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Bloomington Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system put out a fire that occurred in the manager’s office of the grocery store before the store opening. The store was able to reopen later the same day. A Kroger spokesperson said there was no damage.



Riverside Apartments
Rockford Fire Department

Due to the quick response of the fire sprinkler system, no one was hurt in a fire at the 10-unit apartment building. The sprinkler system allowed residents to safely as escape as it controlled the fire, which began when a resident fell asleep with food cooking on a stovetop.

Sprinklers saved another apartment building in the same complex in July 2015.

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Rockford Register Star
Elgin Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system held a fire at bay until fire crews arrived at the shipping and storage box seller’s warehouse . No one was injured, damage was limited to $25,000, and the business was able to reopen.

Chief Fahy stated, “This had the potential to be tragic if not for the sprinkler system working properly.”

Elgin Fire Department news release


University Court Apartments – Cooper Building
Charleston Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the on-campus Eastern Illinois University apartment building put out a grease fire in a kitchen of one of the units. All residents, except those in the affected apartment, were able to return to their apartments within an hour.

Kelly Miller, associate director of housing and dining at EIU, said there was not much physical damage and the fire sprinklers worked as intended.

The Daily Eastern News


September 2015


Zion Development Apartment Complex
Rockford Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the apartment building controlled a grease fire in the kitchen of a fifth-floor unit. No one was injured.

Rockford Register Star


One Main Place
Decatur Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the building, which houses a restaurant and other commercial tenants, held a dryer fire in check in the basement laundry room until firefighters arrived to fully extinguish the fire.

Herald & Review


Eagle Wings
Rantoul Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the industrial plant, which produces large welded sub-assemblies and stampings for chassis and suspensions systems in the automobile industry, contained a fire that began when embers in a filtration system caught filters on fire. The employees were safely evacuated and returned to the plant within 90 minutes. The fire did not cause any limitations in production.

Rantoul Press


Comfort Inn
Des Plaines Fire Department

A single fire sprinkler contained a fire in the basement storage room of the hotel until fire crews arrived to fully extinguish the fire. Occupants safely escaped and were able to return to their rooms within 90 minutes. The hotel remained open following the fire. Damage was contained to some stored tables, chairs and other items, as well as electrical equipment. There was little structural damage and no one was injured.

“This was another great save by an automatic fire sprinkler system,” said Des Plaines Fire Chief Alan Wax.

Des Plaines Journal


April 2015


Gulick Hall – Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington Fire Department

A fire sprinkler system in the university building, which contains residences for 135 students and the Office of Residential Life, contained a fire that was caused by a faulty office copier. Students were safely evacuated from the upper-floor residences, but were able to return shortly thereafter. No one was injured.



December 2014


Wildfire Steaks, Chops & Seafood
Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District

In the afternoon on Christmas Day, the fire sprinkler system in the Lincolnshire restaurant controlled a kitchen fire until fire crews arrived. All occupants safely escaped and no one was injured. The restaurant reopened for business the following day.

Daily Herald


November 2014


Helia Healthcare of Champaign
Champaign Fire Department

The fire sprinkler system in the nursing home helped control a fire that began due to a clothes dryer. No one was injured and residents were able to remain in the building.



April 2014


G&K Services
Rockford Fire Department

The building’s fire sprinkler system prevented the spread of a fire that began with several tractor trailers in the loading dock.



December 2013


Fox Lake Fire Protection District

One fire sprinkler in the cash room of the store put out a fire before firefighters got on scene. The store remained open that day.

Thomas Preidis, Battalion Chief,
Fox Lake Fire Protection District


November 2013


Meadows Apartments
Fox Lake Fire Protection District

A single fire sprinkler in the Lakemoor apartment building quickly extinguished a bedroom fire before fire crews arrived on scene.

“One fire sprinkler saved the whole building from burning down and most of the family’s posessions were saved,” said Fox Lake Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Ed Lescher.

Ed Lescher, Battalion Chief,
Fox Lake Fire Protection District


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